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Hot selling products list updated on Jan. 1st., 2020

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We are mainly a trader with 18 years history till now and have a very experienced sourcing team. We source for all kinds of great products for our old customers. In the beginning we produce game accessories, but after that, our old customers asking us to source for all kinds of products for them since doing business with us is SAFE and they can earn profit basic on our PRICE. They buy products from us including building glasses, wine cups, canteen dishes, industrial rain coats, factory assembly devices, chemical materials, etc. They buy containers and containers. Thus we can source for everything for our customers now. Our main advantage is our TRUST. We make sure our customers’ business is SAFE with us and they know they can earn profit at our price.
Just please let us know your ideal order list with details and try our offer and see.


Made in Japan products,

Nordic blue deep toast plate (bread dish) [standard] [H7]

Crushing helps to keep the crispness of freshly baked toast for a long time.
The aim is to create a gap between the plate and the bread to allow moisture to escape.
The design is accented, so it is a cute design not only for toast but also for plates.

* There may be small scratches that cannot be avoided in the manufacturing process.
* Due to the use of glaze, which is extremely difficult to stabilize color development, color differences may occur between production lots and items.
* The color of the glaze is slightly different from other items.
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size Width / 19x18cm
Height / 1.8cm Height of
two points stacked / 2.8cm
weight About 345g
Material Porcelain / Made in Japan
microwave OK
Dishwasher OK
Recommended use Toast plate, bread plate, dish
package No individual box
JAN 4580268670673
Remarks Due to the characteristics of the glaze, there may be differences in color unevenness and finish / the backing design may be changed without notice

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