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Repair Parts

Wii, Wii U New 3DSLL, New 3DS, and all others XBOX360,Xbox One and more PS4 PS3 and more PSV2000, PSV, PSP all Ipad, Iphone,ipod all MID Notebook PC ,Projectors and more
 SX0039 PS3 Slim 470A Laser Lens Brand New
SX0042 PS3 Slim S350 Blue Ray Console laser lens, kem-410ada lens
 SX0037 ps3 460a lens, Laser Lens KES-460A for PS3 Slim
SX6047 Laser LENS BENQ HOP-150X For XBOX 360 Slim console
SX0038 ps3 460a lens, Laser Lens KEM-460A for PS3 Slim, ps3 slim lens 460a with tray
SX0031 for repair service for ps3 gpu chips, all models, PS3 gpu RSX Reality synthesizer CXD 2971BGB, CXD 2991DGB
SX2048 wii d2a,d2b drive, wii d2c drive,wii d2e drive,new DVD Drivers for Wii
SX6019 Xbox 360 NEW 90nm GPU Fix RRoD X02056-010, xbox360 gpu 90nm X02056-010
SX0033 PS3 400AAA DVD DRIVE complete set, including Drive Mainboard BMD-001 and KEM-400AAA Laser Lens
SX6041 XBOX 360 90nm GPU 3 RED LIGHT X02056 011,xbox360 gpu 90nm X02056-011
SX0026 PS3 410AAA DVD DRIVE complete set, including Drive Mainboard and KEM-410AAA Laser Lens
SX6042 XBOX360 XBOX 360 65nm GPU 3 RED RINGS FIX X810480 002,xbox360 gpu 65nm X810480-002


SX2049 wii dvd drive board,wii driver board,wii d2a,d2b,d2c,d2e drive board to be coded ,DVD Drivers plate for wii


SX2080 New D3-2 DVD Drive for Nintendo Wii Console Replacement
SX0032 450 kem lens for ps3, Laser Lens KEM-450AAA for PS3 Slim
SX6048 brand new Xbox 360 dg-16d2s Dvd Drive
SX0002 Lens KEM-400AAA for PS3,KES-400AAA (KEM-400 AAA) with Carriage for PS3 20GB 60GB 80GB Version
SX6049 Brand New Lite-On DG-16D4S DVD Drive for XBOX 360 Slim
SX0022 ps3 kem 410ACA Lens KEM 410 ACA Laser Lens with Carriage for PS3 40GB
SX6038 Xbox 360 BenQ VAD6038 DVD Drive
SX6037 Xbox 360 Samsung HD67 Laser
SX6039 Xbox 360 Drive Samsung MS28
SX6035 Xbox 360 Hitachi SF-HD63 Laser -Brand New-
SX6040 Xbox 360 DVD Drive Hitachi LG Brand New
SX6036 Xbox 360 BenQ Lite-On HOP-1401 141x Laser
SX6020 Philips Ver 74850C Lite-On DVD Drive Liteon DG-16D2S for Xbox 360 xbox360 samsung drive,xbox 360 BenQ dvd drive,xbox360 LG drive,etc.
SX4017 PS2 300XX-500XX Big Motor
SX2061 Motherboard for wii, for wii repair use only
SX0020 kem 400aaa lens Run burning lamps
SX6019 GPU for XBOX360 HDMI version (X817791,X816970,X810480,X02127,X812480)
SX4012 PS2 Laser PCB Circuit(400C)
SX0024 ps3 450a lens, ps3 450aaa lens, ps3 450daa lens, ps3 450eaa lens, KEM-450AAA for PS3 Slim
SX4013 PS2 Laser PCB Circuit(HD7)
SX0001 Lens KES-400A for PS3,Laser Lens KES-400 A for PS3 20GB 60GB 80GB Version
SX 4016 PS2 7700X big motor
SX0023 PS3 KES 410A LENS,KES 410 ACA for New PS3 40GB Version, ps3 slim s350 console dvd drive lens, kem-410ada brand new
SX0027 Drive Power Cable for PS3
SX0025 lens for wii,wii lens original new
SX 00020 40PIN Laser Lens Cable Connect the PS3 DVD Drive
SX4015 PS2 TDP 082W
SX4000 XBOX v1.6 Power Supply
SX4014 Ps2 Hd7 laser lens
SX00023 Battery For ps3 SX4006 KSM 400C laser lens for PS2
SX00022 Battery For ps3 SX0007 PS3 double turbo centrifugal cooling fan
SX0028 Power Supply Unit (PSU) for PS3  SX 00019 Bluray OPTICAL DVD Drive board for PS3
SX0029 CPU GPU Heatsink for PS3 40GB SX5019 PSP3000 Joystick
SX7806 LCD screen For PSP GO SX8013 replacement 3D sticker for PSP
SX5020 PSP3000 LCD SX7000 3D ( Analog Controller Stick ) for PSP
SX7005 LCD Screen for PSP SX7807 buttons and parts For PSP GO For PSP GO
SX7021 3600MAH Battery pack For PSP 3000 SX7811 cab For PSP GO
SX7002 Replacement Battery Cover for Sony PSP SX7003 Black Replacement Button Set for PSP
SX8007 PSP 2000 battery pack SX7001 Extra Button Kit for PSP
SX5018 PSP3000 battery SX7004 Black Replacement Button Set for PSP
SX5012 Thick Battery and cover SX8009 Micky Aero Case for PSP2000
SX7809 Card Reader For PSP GO
SX3019 Camera Module for Apple iPhone
:SX8014 UMD Door for PSP 2000
3021 Replacement Dock Charging Port Connector for Apple iPhone
SX7810 ska PSP GO
SX3009 1000 mAh Same Width Power Station for iPhone 3G & iPhone/iPod
SX7800 replacement back cover for PSP GO
SX3012 Repair Tool Kit Set for Apple iPhone & 3G
SX1009 Camera Module NDSI
SX3014 System Connector, Charge Port with Signal Flex Cable for White iPhone 3G
SX9000 NDS lite Touch Screen
SX3016 home button for iPhone 3G (Black)
SX9002 NDS Lite Mainboard



SX3003 Ribbon Flex Cable for APPLE iPhone (Signal Cable with Connector)
SX 9001 NDS Lite Top LCD Screen
SX3005 Black Metal Rear Cover for iPhone 3G 8GB & 16GB
SX9003 NDS LITE power off
SX13002 Headphone Jack for 60GB iPod Video
SX9005 NDS Lite Down LCD Screen
SX13004 900mAh Battery for Apple Ipod Touch
SX12001 NDS Touch Screen
SX13006 LCD screen for the iPod Nano 3 Gen.
SX12003 NDS Top to Bottom Interface Cable
SX13008 LCD screen for the IPOD Nano 2 Gen
SX12002 NDS LCD Screen
SX13010 iPod Video Parts for iPod Video
SX12004 NDS Boards Connector for Top and Bottom Screens
SX13011 Back Panel for iPod NANO(2GB/4GB)

SX16010 iphone 16gb back case quality is the same as original

SX 13019 3GB LCD For IPOD
SX3102 iphone 3G 3Gen. LCD with middle frame
SX13022 classic mainboard For IPOD
SX3093 Audio Line For Iphone 3G
SX3017 Replacement Sim Card Tray/Holder for iPhone 3G


SX3007 White Metal Rear Cover for Apple iPhone 3G 16GB
SX13013 Clickwheel (White) for iPod Video
SX1535 HT R390 BGA Rework Station

Repair Parts

Wii, Wii U New 3DSLL, New 3DS, and all others XBOX360,Xbox One and more PS4 PS3 and more PSV2000, PSV, PSP all Ipad, Iphone,ipod all MID Notebook PC ,Projectors and more